Design and Architecture

BCI Architecture Design is tailor-made to offer our partners optimised solutions, reflecting all in-country and traditional requirements. Our research takes a pragmatic approach to building design, suitability, sustainability and technical challenges. It also extends to cultural expectations, lifestyle, and technology specifics so that our buildings are appropriate to the needs of occupants in the long term.

Our approach is to take cues from existing building typologies that function well for the day-to-day activities and ceremonial functions of communities to develop a design methodology for the various types of dwellings and non-residential buildings, resulting in functional, attractive, contemporary buildings respectful of place, identity and culture.

The BCI model rests upon the principles of simplicity, cost reduction, quick construction, sustainability, security and weather resistance.

BCI has numerous consultants and experts under our umbrella ideology covering not only housing project developments but also those in the fields of aged care, hotels and hospitality.