Origin and Features


BCI, short for Building Communities Initiative, was founded to find sustainable solutions and tackle the rapidly evolving affordable housing gap crisis throughout the developing world. By identifying what is required to deliver such solutions BCI assembled the necessary talent to facilitate the research and development endeavours and arrive at the quick and lasting concept for the rapid construction of large-scale affordable housing communities.

Along this path, we were seeking the answers to many questions, such as:

  1. What is the best built form to use?
  2. How to reduce cost of construction?
  3. How to reduce the time of construction?
  4. How to make the process more sustainable?
  5. Who must be involved for the concept to work?

Having invested years into this quest, finally we have received all the answers and wrapped them up into the BCI Rapid Construction Concept. Although originally put together for the development of large-scale projects, the concept’s applicability throughout the construction industry we offer today to our clients worldwide.


BCI Rapid Construction Concept for large scale projects has the following features:

  1. Ready-made urban plans/blueprint community designs, including housing, infrastructure, landscaping, transport etc.
  2. Ready-made housing design, from standalone homes and raw housing to large housing blocks and high rises.
  3. Licence to manufacture and supply stay-in-place formwork, recyclable construction material with structural warranties of up to 100 years.
  4. Partner network including other innovative solution providers and global brand leaders in the real estate and appliances industries.
  5. Logistics partners best positioned to deliver all equipment and components anywhere in the world.
  6. Local partnerships to secure seamless execution processes.