BCI Process

Building Communities Initiative – BCI – operates primarily as a project sponsor, identifying international property development opportunities and bringing together the stakeholders necessary to successfully realise these opportunities.

BCI has a team of full-time business development managers whose sole responsibility is to seek out lucrative projects and present them to BCI for evaluation. These projects fall into three categories:

  • Greenfield developments: These are typically undeveloped plots of land whereby the landowners do not have the skills or resources to undertake the development themselves. In such instances BCI would normally provide end-to-end services including financial analysis, design, marketing collateral, project management and financial oversight.
    We would also bring in a construction partner, industry consultants and a project financier. Commonly, these projects are structured as joint ventures among the owner, BCI and one or more of other relevant project stakeholders.
  • Stalled projects: In some instances, our team come across projects which are partly realised but are missing one or more stakeholders to successfully complete the project. BCI would, therefore, jump in to bridge any existing gaps by providing in-house consulting services and by bringing in any 3rd party stakeholders required for successful execution.
  • Consulting services: These are pure consulting services. In these cases, BCI is typically engaged solely for urban planning, architectural design, feasibility analysis and project management.

BCI Project Pre-Start Procedure

A typical BCI project would entail the following:

  • Evaluating a project viability in terms of execute-ability and profitability for all stakeholders.
  • Assembling a team of stakeholders who complement BCI’s in-house capabilities. This may include industry specific consultants, local construction partners, local facilitation partners as well as 3rd party financiers.
  • Preparing detailed feasibilities including financial analysis, execute-ability assessments and evaluations of existing stakeholders.
  • Negotiating with the relevant stakeholders to meet all exceptions and execute contracts among all the parties involved.
  • Assembling a high-level project management team to manage project deliverables and provide financial oversight.

BCI project investment

BCI is continually re-investing profits to create attractive opportunities for both BCI and its international partners.

  • Project sponsorship: Each BCI project normally requires thousands of hours of due diligence in the pre-start phase which represents our main investment in each project. This involves urban planning, architectural design, detailed financial modelling, project presentation collateral and stakeholder engagement.
  • Manufacturing: BCI is in the preliminary stages of establishing new factories in India and Africa with further plans to expand into post-war Ukraine. This will significantly reduce construction costs and create opportunities for investment and supply chain partnerships.